Wednesday 6 October 2010

Clay Pipe 01 Edition 01

The first release on Clay Pipe Music is 'The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath' by The Hardy Tree. It comes limited to 100 copies with hand printed cover and booklet. Any further editions will have different packaging.

The Hardy Tree is Frances Castle who used to record under the name Transistor Six.

The music on 'The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath' was inspired by Frances' local London neighborhood, a soundtrack to the past beneath the pavements, its early grass covered hills, Victorian heyday, and 20th century sprawl. Recorded at home in an attic room over a year, she has patched and stitched together an orchestral jigsaw puzzle of sounds that hint at audio memories from lost kids 70 TV program's, ghost orchestras, cinema organs, folk song , and static and crackle.