Clay Pipe Music, is a London based label run by illustrator and designer Frances Castle. Each release comes in carefully conceived limited edition packaging. If there is demand, further pressings are produced. Initially Clay Pipe produced hand made CDs, but now releases are all on  numbered vinyl.

Clay Pipe specialises in releasing atmospheric instrumental music, with a strong theme or sense of place.

Recent releases have sold out quickly, so if you want to be the first to know when a record is coming  out, please sign up for the mailing list or follow Clay Pipe on Facebook or Twitter.

If you are a shop or store wishing to stock LPs,  please contact Shaun at State51 HERE


 Please research the label and the kind of music Clay Pipe puts out before you send demos. Please send me audio that can be streamed, I also ask for some info about the project - the ideas behind it and how it was created. Please email me, rather than contacting me via social media  info@claypipemusic.co.uk


If you would like to commission an illustration, please contact my agents at: www.arenaillustration.com I only work through them.

Frances is a freelance illustrator, who has worked for a wide range of clients and had her work recognized by AOI images and 3x3. More of her work can be seen at: www.francescastle.com