Monday, 21 January 2019

Nightscapes - Second Pressing

For those that missed out on the first pressing, there will be a second edtion of D Rothons Nightscapes. It will be on blue vinyl again, but with a different label to the first pressing. Please sign up to the mailing list to be emailed on release. 300 hand numbered copies.

 I will also have 20 more Giclée Fine Art Prints on 320gsm Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl paper. Signed and numbered, with an immediate download of the album.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

D Rothon and Gilroy Mere live.

On Saturday 26th Jan 2019, D.Rothon and Oliver Cherer (Gilroy Mere) will be playing at Reunion, 38 Westow Street, London, SE19 3AH. Vic Mars will be supplying the tunes in between the sets. There will also be a stall selling back catalogue Clay Pipe releases and merch, the above poster is free with entry. Tickets are £5, we have sold out of prebooked allocated tickets, but there will be limited tickets on the door. Any questions email

Thursday, 22 November 2018

D. Rothon - Nightscapes.

  Nightscapes by D. Rothon
Release date: 14th Dec 2018
Available on Spotify and itunes.
Physical formats in the shop:
Hand numbered dusk blue vinyl w/download (500 copies) £16.99 SOLD OUT
Cassette w/download (100 copies) £8  SOLD OUT
 Giclee Art Print w/download (15 copies) £30 SOLD OUT

Cassettes still available at Transmission Records and Normans
Nightscapes recalls the feelings that are triggered and heightened by the dark hours. Recurring dreams, hypnagogic states, and half-sleep visions. The childhood sense of anticipation for the future that strikes in the middle of the night. The bittersweet feeling of waking up from a dream that has transported you back in time…

David Rothon is a musician from south London who has been involved in a variety of musical activities over the years, from garage bands to experimental spoken-word projects. These include a collaboration with Ian Masters (Pale Saints) as Sore & Steal and, more recently, Cloudier Skies with performer/chanteuse Claudia Barton, which was championed by Radio 3’s
Late Junction.

David conjures up the hours between dusk and dawn by deploying a variety of instruments including pedal steel guitar, Mellotron, Omnichord, strings and cor anglais, as well as experimenting with unusual chord changes and voicings. Patching instruments through unexpected effects pedals, and running tracks out to cassette tape and back again, help bring an otherworldly ambience to the record. Parts of the album were semi-improvised, with melody lines developing from take to take, while field recordings and happy accidents led to serendipitous results.

Nightscapes takes you on a nocturnal journey – whether into your emotions and memories, or the sleeping world outside. 

A Suite of gently haunting instrumentals..Hunker down, listen after dark and let it infiltrate your dreams. Shindig
Nightscapes is an otherworldly ambient record... it’s like some distantly remembered TV theme, delivered via cor anglais, guitar and strings. Terrascope


Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Vic mars The Soundtrack to The Hospice

Now available final dubbing of Vic Mars The Soundtrack to The Hospice.
100 copies.
Transparent green cassette shell.
You can download directly from Vic Mar's Bandcamp.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Vic Mars - The Hospice

 In 2016, BBC6 Music commissioned Vic Mars to create a soundtrack to Robert Aickmans 'The Hospice'. The story was read by Gideon Coe, and broadcast on his evening show at Christmas that year. It was later broadcast on Radio 4 in an Omnibus edition. The music has never been released on any format before. Thanks to Gideon Coe and Henry Lopez-Real and Antony Ryan.

Limited to 100 copies, on transparent blue cassette.
More tapes coming soon.
Please sign up to the mailing list to hear first.

Monday, 20 August 2018

D.Rothon - Nightscapes.

Coming this December on vinyl is Nightscapes by D. Rothon. A beautiful multi-instrumental album that evokes impressions and emotions triggered by the hours between dusk and dawn: recurring dreams; imagined scenarios; heightened feelings of nostalgia, anxiety and hope.

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Plinth - Music For Smalls Lighthouse.

Release: 3rd Aug 2018
Sea Foam Green vinyl.
Reverse board cover.
500 numbered copies with download code.
Download from Bandcamp
With the five year anniversary of its first release on Clay Pipe approaching and the original fetching high prices online, it seemed like the right time to make more copies of Plinth’s Music For Smalls Lighthouse available. Repressed on transparent sea-foam green vinyl, it includes a booklet that tells the story of Smalls Lighthouse, a download of the LP and the bonus mini album 'Flotsam' - that was included with the initial CD release on Second Language.

Plinth's, Michael Tanner  from Lewes in Sussex has recorded under a myriad collection of names and guises these include Cloisters, Taskerlands, Thalassing, part of the duo The A Lords - on Mark Fry's 'I Lived in Trees', and with Irish improvisers the United Bible Studies.

Smalls Lighthouse, is located approximately 20 miles west of St Davids Peninsula in Pembrokeshire Wales. Engineered by a violin-maker and standing on flat rocks battered by the sea, the original lighthouse resembled a squat hut on giant stilts. In the year 1800 two men Thomas Howell and Thomas Griffin, well known locally for their drunken spats and quarrels, boarded a fishing-vessel to spend six months together as lighthouse keepers on Smalls Rock. During this time Griffith was killed in an accident and Howell was left alone to fend for himself struggling to stay sane in the isolation of the lighthouse. The music on this record soundtracks the events that took place with beautiful and often gruesome clarity.

Music For Smalls Lighthouse is a quite remarkable record, it feels like a slice of Britain has been carved and pressed to vinyl for the listener to enjoy at will…
Fluid Radio
Music For Smalls Lighthouse fosters a subliminal mixture of arcane atmospherics and mournful chamber music....Tanner seals six exquisitely evocative pieces together into one bleakly alluring whole...
A murky neo-classical album, Music For Smalls Lighthouse plays like a salt-soaked requiem, perfectly capturing the inevitable breakdown when you’re alone with a body 20 miles off Wales.  
Drowned in Sound
What makes Music for Smalls Lighthouse so special?.. the composition is tender, the playing exquisite; and there's little else to which it can be compared.
Richard Allen (The Silent Ballet)

Plinth - Sirens (excerpt) from michael tanner on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Hardy Tree - Sketches in D Minor

 Thanks to everyone who bought a cassette, it is now sold out. I was able to donate £422 to Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Boarders). I'll still be donating any money from digital downloads that come in the next couple of months. You can download from:  BANDCAMP

Originally recorded for John Jervis' WIAIWYA '7 at 77' project, where seven musicians were asked to each create 77 minutes of music in a single track. It gave Frances space to experiment with Moog based melodies, which she sequenced  with chimes and strings, over gentle changes in tempo and structure, creating inter-changing passages of music that ebb and flow over 77 mesmerizing  minutes.

It has been edited down into two parts for cassette and mastered by Antony Ryan.  Like the original CD all profits will go to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).