Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Record Fairs

On the 28th of March Clay Pipe will be at the Independent Label Market, at Spitalfields sharing the WIAIWYA stall. I will have some pre-release copies of the new 'evening edition' of Jon Brooks 52 for sale - this won't actually be available anywhere else until the summer. There is also a slight chance that the Sharron Kraus record will have reached me by then.

On 12th of April I will be at the Hackney Record Fair and will have pre-release copies of both albums.

Also on sale at both events will be prints, and a very limited stock of previously sold out items.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Sharron Kraus - Friends and Enemies; Lovers and Strangers.

 The next release on Clay Pipe will be Sharron Kraus' 'Friends and Enemies; Lovers and Strangers'.
12" LP, 500 numbered copies, reverse board matt cover, with fully illustration booklet, and download code.
Pre-orders from April 13th 2015, Ships May 18th 2015.

Sharron Kraus makes her debut on Clay Pipe Music with a collection of songs inspired by the Welsh folk tales of The Mabinogi. The idea for the album was first realised while she was living in rural Mid Wales.
I started off writing the songs as a way of getting to grips with what was happening in the stories” She says, “Trying to understand things that at first seemed confusing to me, and quickly got sucked in to a strange and wonderful world. I fell in love with these stories whilst being mystified by them and the process of wrestling them into song form has been one of the most challenging and rewarding of my song writing projects to date.”
The stories collected in The Four Branches of The Mabinogi were written in the 11th Century but contain themes that remain relevant today: love and hatred; battles for power; loss, displacement and migration of peoples; magic and wonder.
The album is full of beautiful crystal clear melodies that enhance the intrigue of the tales Sharron is telling. Using harp, recorders and bowed dulcimer, as well as guitar and piano the songs manage to capture the atmosphere of the time and take the listener back to the magical places mentioned in the stories.

Sharron Kraus is a UK-based singer, musician and songwriter whose music though informed by the folk traditions of England and Appalachia has its own distinctive voice. Heralded as one of the strongest voices in English contemporary folk. She has recorded a collection of traditional folk songs, Leaves From Off the Tree, with Meg Baird and Helena Espvall of Philadelphia psych folk band Espers, but the majority of her work is self-authored.

Sharron has been featured in The Wire, Rolling Stone, fRoots, Uncut, The Sound Projector and Dirty Linen, and is one of the musicians focussed on in Jeanette Leech's Seasons They Change: The Story of Acid, Psych and Experimental Folk. She has appeared on Radio 3's 'The Verb', and recorded sessions for BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Shropshire, Freakzone on Radio 6, and independent radio stations across the US.

Sharron Kraus: vocals, guitar, recorders, bowed dulcimer, organ, percussion
Harriet Earis: harp
Nancy Wallace: vocals
Nick Palmer: piano

booklet cover

interior booklet illustration

interior booklet illustration

Images from the booklet.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

New Items In The Clay Pipe Shop

There are new items in the Clay Pipe Shop, four new prints, a bag and badges.

The prints are all Risograph prints and were printed at Ditto Press, unlike digital prints they are not direct copies of the original artwork, each colour is printed separately and overlapping inks of different transparencies are used to create extra, or modify existing colours - because the colour pallet is very limited Risograph prints have a distinct charm all of their own.

They are printed on Munken Pure 170mg paper, signed and numbered, 40 copies of each.

Jon Brooks '52' Sleeve design.
£20 + P&P

Illustration from the Tyneham House booklet.
£20 + P&P


Illustration from the Tyneham House booklet.

Illustrations from The Hardy Tree booklet.
£20 + P&P

Enamel Badge
£3.50 + P&P


Tote record bag - with flap and adjustable strap.
£9.99 + P&P

Friday, 14 November 2014

London Independent Label Market

On Saturday 29th of Nov, Clay Pipe will be taking part in the London Independent Label Market, at Spitalfield's Market. I'll be sharing my stall with WIAIWYA and Fika records. I'm hoping to dig deep and find some 'sold out' goodies to sell. I'm also hopping to have 4 new Risograph prints for sale. More info HERE

Thursday, 16 October 2014


Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of Jon Brooks '52', unfortunately it is now all sold out. There will however been another edition, so if you missed it please put your name on the mailing list and I will let you know when they are available again. Please don't be temped to spend the crazy sums that some people have started asking on Discogs and Ebay, it WILL be available again at a reasonable price.

Jon has a new Advisory Circle record coming out on 5th December on Ghost Box called From Out Here

 The next release on Clay Pipe will be a vinyl LP by Sharron Kraus, called 'Friends and Enemies; Lovers and Strangers'. It is a series of eleven haunting folk songs based around  the ancient Welsh Mabinogion tales.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Jon Brooks "52" available to pre-order.

Jon Brooks '52' is available to pre-order .
LPs will be dispatched on or about the 13th of October.


500 hand numbered copies, on beautiful reverse mat board with a download code inside the sleeve.

Jon Brooks returns to Clay Pipe after 2012's sell out 'Shapwick'. '52' sees Jon taking a gentle side step away from his Advisory Circle work for Ghost Box, into more personal and reflective territory.
Inspired by his Grandmothers' house, synth-laden and atmospheric '52' contains 14 aural memories of the house and garden.

“... will you stop tearing up that newspaper? It’s making a mess down here”. I sat quietly and watched the pieces float from the mezzanine, through the railings, down to the floor
below. I was reminded of late autumn, when dried seed helicopters from the trees were
abundant - their free-flowing nature always a reminder of our life cycles. It was an early
meditation; something to help focus the restless mind.

Silence broke eventually. “They all come from Leafield. They head from there with the
purpose of making our lives difficult!”. I wasn’t entirely convinced, but I let it go. I thought of
their colonies, their families, the way they moved and went about their business - it was a
fascinating other world, where everyone looked out for each other. Always a lucky escape
for them, through the hum of a summer evening.

“Doctor of Philosophy. That’s what it means, it’s an abbreviation”. I wondered, as I pulled
another thick rubber band around the arm of the sofa. The structures I made seemed to
serve no purpose at all; they didn’t need to.

“... I’m resting up for the weekend”. I always noticed that. The pencil sharpener, the cuckoo
clock, everything in its’ place. The way the dust fell in the late afternoon sun. I wouldn’t

On the way back up the hill, we passed the three monkeys. “Do you think you’ll go to
college?”. “I think so”, I answered, not really knowing why I’d chosen that reply. The words
flutter-echoed through the stone and brick, in the heat of the day; all the way past Mr
Mulberry’s, Mrs Viner’s, Mrs Mouser’s.

Morning Window
The Mezzanine
Fibre Optics
Pond i
All The Way From Leafield
December Trees

The Back Room
Walk In Store
Pond ii
Wax Lemons
Whispering Glass
End Of The Corridor

Friday, 3 October 2014

Pre-Order from Tuesday

Jon Brooks "52" will be available to pre-order from Tuesday morning,(7th Oct) with the release date being the 13th October. It'll cost £15 + P&P.

Monday, 15 September 2014