Monday, 11 January 2021

David Boulters - Yarmouth

Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered the second pressing of David Boulter's Yarmouth, I was hoping to have copies by mid-January, but due to pressing delays this is looking unlikely. Please keep checking back here or follow me on social media for further news.

Tuesday, 22 December 2020


Thanks to everyone who has supported Clay Pipe during this very strange year. It seems like many people have found some sort of solace in music, and it has been great to see this years releases go into second and third pressings and make lots of end of year lists. We have some great music planned for 2021 starting with Clay Pipes 10 year celebration, and the re-press on vinyl of the first two CDs we put out, The Hardy Tree's 'The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath' and Michael Tanner and Kerrie Robinson's 'Thalassing'.

There are still a few copies of the second pressing of Gilroy Meres 'Over the Tracks' in the shop.

There are also copies of the third pressing of Jon Brooks 'How to Get to Spring'.

You can pre-order the second pressing of David Boulters 'Yarmouth' - we are expecting to have copies in January.

The second pressing of Gilroy Mere's 'Adlestrop' is sold out in the shop, but Juno and Bleep still have it in stock.

Thursday, 3 December 2020

Jon Brooks - How to Get to Spring. Prints, Cards and Cups.


 Jon Brooks - How to Get to Spring
Third Pressing with new cover variant on pale blue vinyl.
300 hand numbered copies.
Exclusive to Clay Pipe and Transmission.
  Shipping now.

Transmission Records in Margate have made Jon Brooks - How to Get to Spring, their record of the year.
We’ve been huge supporters of Clay Pipe Music since we opened the shop in 2015. One of our favorite labels that consistently releases both beautiful sounding and looking releases, and from the moment we first heard the latest Jon Brooks release in April we knew it was a contender for our ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2020. It’s a beautiful piece of music, an organic electronic meditation on the changing of the seasons that is full of hopefulness and warmth, it’s melodies weaving in and out of tracks like sunlight peeking through a cloudy morning. This record has given us a tremendous amount of joy this year (and if we ever needed that it was in 2020) and we are thrilled to be able to bring you an exclusive repress featuring not only brand new cover art but also on an exclusive colour. This edition is a hand-numbered edition of 300 and comes complete with a download card.
A3 Giclee Print of David Boulters Yarmouth.
Edition of 25 signed and numbered copies.
On Hahnemühle German Etching paper. 

A3 Risograph print of the Tawney Owl on the back of Jon Brooks Shapwick.
30 Signed and numbered copies. 

A3 Giclee print of Gilroy Mere's - Adlestrop (Chocolate Livery)
Edition of 20 signed and numbered copies.
On Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl paper.
(Please note this has a silk texture)
 £30 + P&P

 A3 Giclee print of Gilroy Mere's - Adlestrop (Red Livery)
Edition of 20 signed and numbered copies.
On Hahnemühle German Etching paper. 

Japansese style Clay Pipe beer cup.
These hand thrown Japanese beer cups are a collaboration between Yoshi at NyankoPots and Frances at Clay Pipe. Each one is a limited one-of-a kind piece, the cups were designed and glazed by Yoshi and the pipe decoration was hand-painted by Frances.  Each cup holds half a pint of beer and comes with a traditional Japanese style dimpled back for easy handling. They are dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended.

Friday, 30 October 2020

David Boulter - Yarmouth. Pre-order Second Presssing.


David Boulter - Yarmouth.

Second 'sunset' pressing on sea blue vinyl.

300 hand numbered copies.

Pre-order £18.99 +P&P

*expected to ship mid January.

Thanks to everyone who ordered the first pressing, and helped it sell out so quickly. There are still a few cassettes available at Bleep, Normans and Monorail.

It is now available to stream and download from all your favourite digital platforms.

Monday, 5 October 2020

David Boulter - Yarmouth

 David Boulter - Yarmouth

700 hand numbered copies on sunshine yellow vinyl.

LP - Sold Out

Cassettes - still available in some shops.

Digital and streaming available from 30th Oct 2020.

Read an interview with David on Concrete Islands

David Boulter is a founding member of Tindersticks, he has made over 20 studio albums and film soundtracks with the band. Nottingham born, but based in Prague since 1998, under his own name he has worked on music for many films. These include an eight-part serial Pustina/Wasteland for HBO Europe, the American movie Five Nights In Maine and recently two documentaries with Turkish/Belgian director Volkan Uce. Yarmouth is his first solo LP.

The inspiration for Yarmouth came when David arrived a day early for a show at the Arts Centre in Norwich, and made an impromptu visit by train to the seaside town where had spent his childhood holidays.

In a year when most of us have been unable to travel, Yarmouth offers an escape to summers past. It recalls the saturated colours of a John Hinde postcard in musical form. With a sound palette based around an old 1970’s Lowrey organ, flutes, violin, vintage tape echo and a Premiere vibraphone, it captures a dreamy side of Yarmouth. Sun-drenched childhood memories, long shadows on the sand, the sound of seagulls and waves breaking on the shore. The magic of the fair - the entrance guarded by a huge mechanical giant, club in hand, while the roller coaster rattles overhead on a backboard of painted mountains peaks. As the sun goes down, noise drifts out from the amusement arcades, and neon flickers on Marine Parade, lighting up the fountains in candy floss colours.

As I stepped off the train, the weight of time passed hit me. I was overwhelmed by a sense of sadness and loss. As I walked along the streets, looking for Trudy’s, I didn’t expect her, but I did find the house. Slowly, as I recognised buildings, streets, memories. I began to smile. I hadn’t lost anything. Great Yarmouth had changed. So had I. But the warmth of those sunny childhood summers was still there.” David Boulter 2020




Thursday, 6 August 2020

Represses of Gilroy Mere's 'Adlestrop' and 'Over the Tracks'.


Gilroy Mere - Adlestrop
Second Pressing in chocolate and cream livery.
 500 hand numbered copies with download code.
 Comes with cut-out station by Gary Willis. 

SOLD OUT - in the Clay Pipe shop
Copies still available at:


Gilroy Mere - Over the Tracks
Flexi-disk/Download EP and booklet with cut out model station by Gary Willis.
Transparent Flexi with red print.(photo shows first pressing in red)
300 copies.

Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Gilroy Mere - Adlestrop

Gilroy Mere - Adlestrop
Pre-Orders from 3rd July 2020.
Release date 24th July 2020.
 600 hand numbered copies with download code.
150 cassettes with download code.

Vinyl version comes with cut-out station by Gary Willis. 

Repress due in September.

Clay Pipe is very happy to bring you Gilroy Mere’s third record on the label, Adlestrop is  inspired by the remains of the rural railway stations, that were closed in the wake of the 1963 Beeching Report.

This record started with Edward Thomas’s poem Adlestrop and a chance visit to the village that it takes its title from. I wanted to see the station, but found it was no longer there, all that remains is the old platform sign Adlestrop, now part of a local bus shelter. However as I walked around the village I was struck that; “all the birds of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire” were still singing away - like ghosts from Thomas’ verse.

Visiting Adlestrop spurred me to get hold of a copy of the Beeching Report which, in Appendix 2, lists all the services and stations recommended for closure in the 1960s. The names read like an epic British poem, from halts to branch-line stops and stations and singular terminals for public schools, mines, ferries and even an asylum. There’s Ravenscar where a resort was planned but got no further in its construction than the station, and a hotel - the grid marked out for the roads never laid. Bethesda, a short branch line from Bangor up towards Snowdonia, was used for slate and passengers and is now just a quiet green valley, Christ’s Hospital on the old Cranleigh Line, opened with seven platforms to cope with the daily flood of pupils attending the famous school nearby which never came as it was a boarding school. Many of the stations have vanished, with just fields and car parks left in their place, some are repurposed as houses, or shops, or abandoned as artefacts of a lone-gone industrial past.

Armed with a digital recorder, and with a copy of Beechings Report as my guidebook I made notes and recordings on my travels around the country, and used them as the starting point for a set of pieces that try to capture the fading layers of history, in the areas where the stations had once stood making sure each track retains something of the real place within them. Back in my studio I reacted, improvised, and crafted musical responses to each station, trying to capture the ghosts and former lives of the stations and their imprint on the present.”
Gilroy Mere is Oliver Cherer who trading as Dollboy, Rhododendron, and Australian Testing Labs as well as his own name has meandered his way through the backwaters of left of centre English folk, ambient and electronic music, issuing numerous albums of original music to much critical acclaim via highly regarded boutique labels such as Static Caravan, Second Language, Deep Distance, Polytechnic Youth, and Awkward Formats.

Saturday, 18 April 2020

Jon Brooks Shapwick and How to Get to Spring represses
Jon Brooks Shapwick reissue is now available in the Clay Pipe shop. 

'Tawney Owl Edition'
Reverse board cover.
500 numbered copies
Bandcamp Download code in sleeve.
£18.99 + P&P 

'Share his mysterious vision via snatches of half-familiar incidental music, swathed in memorial reverb, and found sounds such as the echo-location clicks of bats, all recorded on deliciously deteriorating used cassette tapes; 

- Stewart Lee. The Sunday Times.

'And then Brooks brings out the real treasure: his most focused musical compositions yet; think his Advisory Circle LPs cleaned of public information films but beefed up with extra melody.'
-George Bass. Drowned in Sound.
Jon Brooks 'How to Get to Spring' second pressing is now available in the Clay Pipe shop. 

Reverse board cover.
300 numbered copies
Bandcamp Download code in sleeve.

Cassette & dowload code 100 copies

That Jon Brooks chose to examine the shift between winter and spring across his fourth LP on Clay Pipe Music is a magical thing itself and would be a delight even during the best of times. But these are not the best of times. Under such revised conditions Brooks’s musical ruminations feel absolutely necessary. How to Get to Spring is a series of analogue electronic lifelines that charm, entangle the soul and create wonder in the listener. This is a record to embrace, for it offers much in the way of comfort.

- Stewart Gardiner Concrete Islands.