Sunday 30 January 2011

Review from Terrascope

A lovely review from Terrascope:

And now for something utterly delightful. “The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath” is a collection of gentle, eccentric and at times child-like tunes inspired by the past and present of the London neighbourhood inhabited by Frances Castle, recording here under the name The Hardy Tree. Among the ten tracks are the tale of a tragic demise, dancing at the long gone Astoria Theatre (the Finsbury Park one and not the recently demised rock-grot palace off Oxford Street) and an affirmation that the memories of the past lie slumbering beneath today’s busy, hectic urban lifestyle. The overall sound is magical and ethereal, a bit like a dream where you are never quite able to reach the end of the journey to grasp the situation you suddenly find yourself in. If there is a bucolic and innocent charm to be derived from modern day London then Ms Castle has tapped into it. One part each of Nico, a string quartet on laudanum occasionally downing tools and playing children’s toy instruments instead and 70s kiddies’ TV programme Bagpuss, this here’s a tonic for the ears.