Monday 20 August 2012

Lido Remixs from ISAN and The Hardy Tree


ISAN and The Hardy Tree have remixed two of the tracks from Lido, and we are making them available as a free download single, hopefully you will put them on your Mp3 player and play them back to back as if they were a real 7". I think both have a hazy late summer feel.

Here is what Darren Hayman has to say about them:

We think these two remixes made for the Lido project are very special and we would like to present them to you as a single.

As well as being the label that is to release the CD of Lido, Frances Castle is The Hardy Tree. The Hardy Tree produces small music that never wants to be big. I only mean that as a compliment in times like these. Like me, Frances is interested in place and location in song and also like me she tells stories using lyrical and instrumental music.

Only a few songs on The Hardy Trees first album use words, but when they appear they are precise, teasing and beautiful.                                                                                                                                

The Hardy Tree take you on little journeys. Not big ones, beautiful little ones. The first Hardy Tree album was my favourite release of last year.

Back in the late nineties when I was in Hefner we became infatuated with electronic music. Me and John Morrison would buy confusing, pretty music on labels like Wurlitzer Jukebox, Earworm and Static Caravan. My friend Glen ran Tugboat and put out the first ISAN record. We played it in the tour van.

It was music that I didn't understand completely and that made me love it more. I'm always looking for music I don't understand. I don't want to know why I like things.

I aspire to make music as good as ISANs and when the opportunity came for Robin and Antony to remix one of my tunes I became very excited. I would have assumed that I was too linear for ISAN. I gave them the keys to my house to see what they would do.
When some people remix they destroy your home. They pour red wine in your bed and sleep with your girlfriend. Others do just a little bit of light dusting.

When ISAN remixed King's Meadow they carefully moved all the furniture from one room and placed it in the other. They didn't break a thing. They just moved everything.

 - Darren Hayman