Monday 3 June 2013

Jon Brooks' Shapwick - 2nd Barn Owl Edition.

Jon Brooks Shapwick on 12" vinyl is now available in the SHOP.   380 hand numbered copies, each with a download code. This is the new edition of John Brooks 'Shapwick', which previously sold out. Beautifully printed cover on reverse matt board, this differs to the first edition in that it has a Barn Owl on the back rather than a Long Eared Owl.

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 Share his mysterious vision via snatches of half-familiar incidental music, swathed in memorial reverb, and found sounds such as the echo-location clicks of bats, all recorded on deliciously deteriorating used cassette tapes' 
- Stewart Lee. The Sunday Times.
'And then Brooks brings out the real treasure: his most focused musical compositions yet; think his Advisory Circle LPs cleaned of public information films but beefed up with extra melody.'
-George Bass. Drowned in Sound.
'Shapwick contains a handful of Brooks' most simple and beautiful compositions.'
- Stuart Huggett. The Quietus.
'A must-have purchase for fans of the Ghost Box and Second Language oeuvres, recommended for everyone else.'
- Mark Brend. Record Collector.