Friday 5 May 2017

Jon Brooks - Autres Directions - Digital and Second Pressing.

12" Transparent Orange vinyl LP
Reverse board cover.
500 hand numbered copies,
with download code in sleeve. 
£16.99 + P&P

Autres Directions is an exquisitely detailed sonic trip through rural France that uses field recordings to provide environmental texture: the toy-like melody of 'Se Reveiller' is underpinned by the rumble of a ferry's engines; insects chirrup again sinuous synth loop on 'Le Chateau' while geese shriek under the specral distress call of 'L'ancienne Grange'; the drone of a low-flying aircraft in 'Lanverec' becomes a black veil slowly descending across the countryside. Bearing comparison with such Eno classics as On Land, this is a beautiful album of intensley visual music. Joe Banks, Shindig

Brooks corrals into eight pieces of glinting electronics. Autres Directions is subtle and patient, with gaseous synth drones the bed for a slow-moving melodic lattice of sad and hushed, tintinnabulating tones. Jon Dale, Uncut

A Homage to this Francophile's love for the  time he spends in Brittany and Normandy, it's brimming with the idealism of the romantic voyager. Carl Griffin, Electronic Sounds Magazine

 You can also now download a digital version from the Cafe Kaput Bandcamp page.