Monday 10 February 2020

Gilroy Mere - Over the Tracks


 Flexi-disc and booklet with cut-out model station.

Three track flexi/download EP. 

250 copies. 
Now available via digitally across most platforms.

This summer Gilroy Mere will release the follow-up album to his sell-out 2018 Clay Pipe release ‘Green Line’. The new record ‘Adlestrop’ stays with the transport theme, but is inspired by the railway stations lost in the Beeching cuts of the1960s.
On this flexi-disc EP, which is the forerunner to the album, Gilroy Mere plays homage to the deserted railway station of St Leonards West Marina, close to his home in Sussex. The EP comes with a cut-out paper model of the station designed by Gary Willis.
St Leonards West Marina was the first railway station to serve Hastings. It was opened by the Brighton, Lewes and Hastings Railway on November 7th 1846 as part of what became the East Coastway Line. After a chequered history involving feuding train companies it fell into disuse, was eventually closed in 1967 and subsequently demolished. Today there is a carpet warehouse where the station once stood. Although it is rarely noticed and overgrown with Buddleia, the old down platform can still be seen, as the train rumbles past on its way to Bexhill and Brighton.
Trading as Gilroy Mere, Dollboy, Rhododendron, and Australian Testing Labs as well as his own name, Oliver Cherer has meandered his way through the backwaters of left of centre English folk, ambient and electronic music, issuing numerous albums of original music to much critical acclaim via highly regarded boutique labels such as Static Caravan, Wayside and Woodland, Polytechnic Youth, Second Language, Deep Distance, and Awkward Formats.


Cut-out Station designed by Gary Willis
For those who want to build the station but not destroy their booklet there is a print out .pdf of the station and instructions in the included download.