Tuesday 20 June 2023

Zyggurat - Broken Circle. Mini CD


  Zyggurat - Broken Circle.

8cm Mini CD, in bespoke printed sleeve, with bandcamp download code.

300 copies.


Zyggurat is an electronic music project fronted by Pete Grimshaw on modular synthesizer featuring Piera Onacko on accordion, and Nathan England-Jones on drums. They have released two EPs "Beyond the Breaks" (2018) and "Earth II" (2020), as well as a self titled LP in 2022. The band have received acclaim for their skilful and spontaneous modular synth performances, drawing special praise for the sonic interplay between the synth work and the organic flow of the drums.

The name ‘Zyggurat’ derives from the inverted ziggurat of Birmingham’s lost brutalist library, designed by John Madin. It was completed in 1974 and demolished in 2016, and ties in with Birmingham’s history for rebuilding and remodelling its architecture and cultural heritage. I treated the album as a journey though this cycle of destruction and regeneration. It comes down to feelings on the passage of time, utopian hopes, journeys, dreams, reclamation, and nostalgia. “ Pete Grimshaw 2023

Lithe, evolving, lyrical, highly recommended!” - Dan Bean

This is great, a proper trippy sea of synth-jazz” - James Holden

I love the Zyggurat album. A flowing cosmic conversation between the modular synth and drums. Who ever knew such beautiful cosmic jazz would come from Birmingham” - Surgeon

Highly recommend checking out Zyggurat” - Paddy Shine, Gnod

There will be launch shows for the CD in Birmingham and Hackney - we will be holding some CDs back to sell at these events. Drop me a line if you are coming to one of them and would like to reserve a CD.

Tickets for Hackney HERE

Tickets for Birmingham HERE