Friday 16 December 2011

Christmas Download

You can download the title track from the Hardy Trees CD 'The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath' From Darren Haymans Christmas in Haworth MP3 Advent Calender Here. He is putting up two free MP3s by musicians he likes every day until Chritmas. I'll be releasing a CD by Darren next year of instrumental tunes inspired by lidos/out door pools. So stayed tuned.

The next CD on ClayPipe will be out in January, It will be a co-release with the wonderful Second Language. We are keeping the details under wraps for now as the CD will be send to their subscribers first, after that the CD will be available through their website rather than through mine. As usual copies will be limited, sign up to the Clay Pipe facebook/twitter/mailing list to hear about it first. The packaging is really elaborate on this one and of course the music is very very special.

I'm very excited about the projects I have planned for Clay Pipe, it has been an amazing first year. I've got a lot lined up for next year and I'm really looking forward to working with, and creating the best packaging I can for some really interesting artists.

Happy Christmas!