Monday 24 February 2020

Jon Brooks - How to Get to Spring

Jon Brooks - How to Get to Spring.
Vinyl, Cassette, Download.
500 White Vinyl Copies, 100 Cassette.

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Move away from winter into the brightness of spring with Jon Brooks's fourth record on Clay Pipe Music.
It’s when we realise that even the most seemingly inextricable connections are but, a flicker. Despite devices put in place, to the contrary, every connection is, ultimately, a temporary one.

She considered the landscape; how it looked, how it sounded, how it felt. The landscape cannot hide in Winter; everything is laid open to examination and interpretation, whether it wants to be, or not. It also adapts and evolves; very few situations and elements stay in stasis for long, through elemental or societal influence. Prevailing winds, for example, over time, shape the appearance and structure. Other forces have similar effects. “Some of them have been here, for over a thousand years”, she thought to herself. It became even more important to harness the connections with them, when it became apparent that sometimes, they would appear; at other times, not; despite the search.

The physical and temporal connection probably lasted a minute, at most. The relationship was formed, based on how it looked, how it sounded and most importantly, how it felt. The effects of that connection, however, lasted much longer.

We may consider ourselves mirrors, when we form connections. That reflected image may be delusive, but occasionally, it is quite the opposite.

She looked at the branch, as it reached towards her hand. “Well then” it seemed to say.

Well then”, she said.”

Jon Brooks, 2020