Thursday 24 November 2022

Andrew Wasylyk - Hearing the Water Before Seeing the Falls



Clay Pipe - turquoise blue vinyl £20.99

Monorail - crystal clear vinyl with booklet £22.99

Assai -  transparent green vinyl with booklet £23.99

And many other good record shops.

Assai and Monorail booklets are different.

 "with his latest record, you can’t help but feel he’s onto something truly magnificent.” // “ebbs and flows between dreamlike states and palpable reality." // “A deeply profound album that’s dense in multitudes, allow yourself the time and patience to bask Andrew Wasylyk’s latest compelling body of work." 5 stars + 'Album Of The Month' - The Skinny

"Wasylyk’s Fender Rhodes and Juno 60 synth weave lonesome, exploratory creative patterns, heavy with beauty and loss, that simultaneously create a sense of profound warmth and security." - 4/5, MOJO Magazine

“floats between exploratory jazz, celestial ambient, romantic avant-garde and impressionistic soundtracks, and heartily reclaims vast horizons… a stunning statement” - 4/5, Shindig! Magazine

"beautiful jazz-soaked ambient music that is liberating and meditative" // "The album cements Wasylyk's reputation as not only an ambitious and brilliant multi-instrumentalist, but as a serious modern artist." - NARC Magazine 5/5

"a beautiful reposte to a stunning collection." - SNACK Magazine

“The opening track alone, all 16 minutes of it, is a stone-cold killer.” // “There is something truly beautiful here from an artist who is standing 19 up to be counted in his own right". - Moonbuilding Magazine

“sensational Scottish composer achieves perfect calm” - i Newspaper

"It’s shimmering small ensemble mood music, primarily instrumental, friendly and chilled, bringing to mind a sense of summer countryside, tones and strings adding a sense of things ongoing, timeless." - The Arts Desk 

 "It's wildly evocative without being overwrought, tenderly downplayed in parts and crushingly crescentic in others. A real step closer to worldwide domination for one of the most talented composers out there." - Piccadilly Records, Manchester

"Without overstating things this feels like a revelatory work that’s both documentary and dreamlike. There’s so much to delve into here, so much to learn, a majestic, magnificent record to wrap around you in all seasons.” - Monorail Music, Glasgow



Tickets for Andrews December tour are HERE