Friday 6 January 2023

Clay Pipe Night at Cafe Oto & David Boulter's 'Factory'.

Come and join us for the Clay Pipe Night at Cafe Oto, Dalston, London, on the 4th Feb. Tickets are £13 in advance. We have lots planned:

David Boulter presents the whole of his album 'Yarmouth'.  With musicians Dan McKinna (Tindersticks) on double bass and Tom Hodges on Flute, Saxaphone and Guitar.

Gilroy Mere and band will be playing tracks from 'Green Line' and 'Adlestrop' as well as music from his forthcoming LP 'Gilden Gate' Musicans include: Riz Maslen (Neotroptic), Helen Edwards and Jack Hayter (Hefner)

D. Rothon's band has Hilary Robinson on keyboards and John Hymas on strings they will be playing peices from 'Nightscapes' and 'Memories of Earth' as well as new material.

 In celebration of the event we have a special release:  David Boulter 'Factory' the 4th in the series of Clay Pipe Mini CDs.

Clay Pipe welcomes back the Tinderstick’s Keyboard player for his third release on the label. This time he presents the long-form track ‘Factory’ as part of the label’s new series of Mini CDs.

My Mother started working in one of Nottingham’s lace factories when she was 15 years old, and was there until the early eighties, when most closed their doors for good.

As a young boy, I’d spend school holidays sat in a corner, not able to stay home alone, with a book and some pencils, watching the men and women making Nottingham’s famous lace. Eating a sandwich in the canteen. Pushing carts of off cuts and damages around, trying to help out. The big machine was already silent. Its hole punched cards still hanging from it. I always thought they looked very futuristic. Like the computer cards I saw in the science fiction films of the day.

I have fond memories of watching the big factory in motion. The people, the sounds, the smell. It all seemed very exciting. I guess for the people who’d been working there all their lives - and could see an end to it - It had a very different feel. This music is inspired by my time sat in that corner of a world now gone.”

David Boulter 2023

Available at the Clay Pipe Night at Cafe Oto on 4th Feb 2023